DA won’t plea bargain DWI cases, causing courtroom jam


“I wish we could change the policy, so my clients who feel they are guilty can accept their responsibility and pay their debt to society,” defense attorney Alex Hernandez Jr. said.

Hernandez’s client’s case was dismissed after it had been on the docket for 10 months because prosecutors were not ready to go to trial. A witness was not available. They can re-file charges.

“She’s possibly going to have this looming over her for another year, and she’s going to have to pay to retain me again,” he said.


DA: No plea bargains for misdemeanor DWIs


“It’s going to cost the county more money, and it’s going to cost my clients more money,” said attorney Alex Hernandez Jr., who was shocked to learn of the change in court Monday. “I mean, my charge usually doubles if I have to try a case.”