What is the Arraignment Process?

Arraignment is the preliminary hearing to speak to the court and have the court read your information or indictment. The arraignment states your 1) name 2) what you are charged with and 3) requests how you plead at that time. It is at that point you may tell the court whether you are guilty or not guilty.   It is also the time you can tell the court whether you are going to request a court appointed attorney or retain your counsel.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. normally waives arraignment by filing the “waiver of arraignment” and telling the court that at that point you are not guilty, request proof and set the case for trial.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has handle thousands of arraignments for thousands of criminal clients. He has tried to judge and jury hundreds of cases in South and Central Texas. Call him today for your arraignment questions 361-792-3811.