The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is an agency under the Federal Department of Justice. It exists to shield society from violent crime and organizations perpetrating such crime. The following criminal acts come within the purview of the ATF – illegal use and trafficking of firearms, illegal use and storage of explosives, illicit selling of alcohol and tobacco products, and arson.

If you’re facing ATF charges, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. will fight to get you justice and safeguard your rights. We know how the office of the District Attorney works. Often, charging an individual with gun charges is one way to soften him and strengthen their felony charges. However, you have a right to bear arms so long as you do not violate state and federal firearms laws. We ensure that our clients are not subjected to illegal searches.

We Can Handle Many Different Types of Charges

We represent clients facing charges of armed robbery, federal ATF violations, felonious possession of a firearm, use of a weapon when executing a drug crime, illegally firing a gun, etc.

Our attorneys will advocate for you in front of ATF authorities. We have a reputation for straightforward and aggressive representation of our clients. Even if the evidence is going strongly against you, we will defend you and press for a verdict that is the best possible in the given circumstances for you and your near and dear ones.

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