Background Checks

background check

Among the most frequent inquiries clients have is, “Will my arrest or conviction appear on a background check for jobs or other purposes, such as a credit application?” There is no central server where hiring managers or property owners may obtain all of an applicant’s criminal history details. Instead, a criminal background check involves the transference of […]

Californa Gun Laws – Prohibitions, Arrests, and Legal Defense

California has strict gun laws. In 2020, many new laws were added to bolster gun control in this state. Firearm owners and those who wish to buy a gun must understand California gun laws. Read on for answers to common questions on California gun laws. Am I Prohibited From Possessing Or Owning A Gun In […]

What is the Difference Between Murder and Homicide?

While the terms murder and homicide may be interchanged frequently, they certainly have very different definitions in the eyes of the law. The different variations of these crimes may all depend on the morality, cause, and execution of the act, all of which are usually decided upon by a jury. Homicide is when one person […]

Why Hire Alex R. Hernandez Jr. For Your Corpus Christi White Collar Criminal Law Matter?

You should hire Alex R. Hernandez Jr. as your Corpus Christi white collar criminal law defense lawyer because of his experience in these types of cases. His education, financial, economic and business background lay an amazing foundation for understanding the complications of a Corpus Christi white collar criminal law matter. Alex has experience in Conspiracy […]