What are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

After a truck accident, The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can provide you with the answers you seek. We will advocate your case and do our utmost to get you just recompense. Our seasoned truck accident attorneys use cutting-edge methods to examine victims’ claims and hold negligent parties responsible. In this post, our team […]

Motorcycle DUI Laws in California

In California, motorcycles are a common alternative to cars. Some individuals utilize them for traveling to their offices due of their fuel economy and maneuverability. Others simply enjoy riding a bike, because undoubtedly it is a fun vehicle to enjoy on the roads. Unfortunately, some bikers consume drugs or alcohol before hitting the road on […]

How Does a Domestic Violence Charge Hurt Your Professional License?

In California, a charge of domestic abuse can disrupt your life in many ways.  You may be subject to a protection order prohibiting communication with your spouse and sometimes also your kids.  You may be compelled to leave your house. You may need to alter your everyday practices to avoid the individual. You might risk […]

The Quick Guide to Search Warrants in California

Warrants play a crucial role in ensuring that the interests of justice are served. They aid in defending you against unfair and intrusive police operations. In California, there are three major categories of warrants: search, arrest, and bench. It is essential to comprehend the purpose of each of these warrants and the circumstances under which […]

Police Conduct – The Legality and Illegality of It

The law does not discriminate between police officers and others. If a police officer violates the law, he or she is liable to the same consequences as everyone else. Courts hold police personnel responsible for their unlawful behavior. For instance, a police officer who strikes an individual, commits a narcotics offense, or is found guilty […]

Background Checks

background check

Among the most frequent inquiries clients have is, “Will my arrest or conviction appear on a background check for jobs or other purposes, such as a credit application?” There is no central server where hiring managers or property owners may obtain all of an applicant’s criminal history details. Instead, a criminal background check involves the transference of […]