Austin City Council Approves Ordinance to End Low-level Marijuana Arrests

In January 2020, the Austin City Council unanimously passed a resolution that limits enforcement action for certain low-level marijuana possession offenses. In summary the city resolution – Commits to not wasting city resources on testing THC levels for low-level marijuana offenses; and To the extent allowable under state law, stops the Austin Police Department from […]

Bill Introduced into Texas Legislature for Legalizing Marijuana Use Over 21

11/09/2020 S Filed Caption Version: Introduced Caption Text: Relating to the regulation of the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, sale, testing, possession, and use of cannabis and cannabis products; authorizing the imposition of taxes and fees; requiring an occupational license; creating a criminal offense; to border security enhancement projects and the creation of a fund to pay […]

Refugio County Sheriff’s Deputy is Arrested

A Refugio County sheriff’s deputy arrested Wednesday on a felony charge is accused of tampering with evidence at the scene of a death investigation. “This is an incredibly serious crime considering his position in the community,” said Assistant District Attorney Tim Poynter, who is prosecuting the case, adding, “The community trusts us to do our […]

Drunk Driver Hits Man in Austin, Charged With Intoxication Manslaughter

An Austin man is facing charges after he killed a man while reportedly driving drunk on Saturday. Police say 24-year-old Paul Garcia Jr. struck a pedestrian who was trying to cross the street with a shopping cart. The pedestrian, who was identified as 55-year-old Lee Martin Cagle, was hit so hard that his body went […]

Manslaughter Charges for Driver Who Was Trying to Splash Children in Vehicle

A woman whose car went out of control and killed a toddler while allegedly trying to splash some children faces a manslaughter charge, police said. Terri Elaine Perdew, 47, was arrested Sunday night after her car hydroplaned after it passed an intersection where several children were playing in a water-filled ditch in a neighborhood, said […]