Background Checks

background check

Among the most frequent inquiries clients have is, “Will my arrest or conviction appear on a background check for jobs or other purposes, such as a credit application?” There is no central server where hiring managers or property owners may obtain all of an applicant’s criminal history details. Instead, a criminal background check involves the transference of […]

Benzodiazepine Addiction is on the Rise in the US – Here’s What You Need to Know

The opioid abuse and overdose problem is no longer breaking news, but is the United States on the verge of another epidemic fueled by prescription drug abuse? Some experts worry that benzodiazepines will spark the next drug pandemic. Benzodiazepines, sometimes known as “Benzos,” are beneficial for treating anxiety attacks and panic disorders. However, benzos are […]

Automated License Plate Readers and You

The automatic license plate readers (ALPR) used by California law enforcement agencies capture and store photographs of license plates when cars pass within the ALPR’s field of vision. ALPRs are cameras mounted across the territory of a law enforcement agency atop stationary things, such as light poles, and mobile objects, such as police vehicles. As […]

Californa Gun Laws – Prohibitions, Arrests, and Legal Defense

California has strict gun laws. In 2020, many new laws were added to bolster gun control in this state. Firearm owners and those who wish to buy a gun must understand California gun laws. Read on for answers to common questions on California gun laws. Am I Prohibited From Possessing Or Owning A Gun In […]

Austin City Council Approves Ordinance to End Low-level Marijuana Arrests

In January 2020, the Austin City Council unanimously passed a resolution that limits enforcement action for certain low-level marijuana possession offenses. In summary the city resolution – Commits to not wasting city resources on testing THC levels for low-level marijuana offenses; and To the extent allowable under state law, stops the Austin Police Department from […]