Texas Trial Lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr.If you are facing burglary charges in Texas, you need the services of an expert criminal defense lawyer who can safeguard your rights and give you the right counsel. You can be charged with burglary if you enter a building without permission with the intention of thievery or assault. Even if the premises you enter are detached from the main building, the action will be regarded as burglary. Entering or breaking into a vehicle without effective consent of the owner is burglary and a misdemeanor. A repeat offense of this misdemeanor leads to a mandatory six-month prison sentence.

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Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has defended clients accused of burglary of commercial premises, as well as residential buildings. Convictions can lead to prison terms and stiff fines. Burglary of inhabited premises is a second-degree felony that can lead to imprisonment of up to 20 years. If the prosecution can prove the intent to commit another felony during the burglary or the actual execution of one, then the accused faces up to 99 years in prison. As you can see, a simple rollback of charges can mean the difference between spending decades in jail and as a free man or woman.

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