Just getting a DWI may not be the worst crime since at the lowest level it is just a misdemeanor. However, when you are fighting for custody of your child it is very serious and important to beat the DWI charge.

A DWI charge, arrest or conviction could be an indication of something more serious rebutting the presumption that you can provide a safe and stable home environment for your child. Do you have a more serious alcohol issue is usually what a judge will ask? Did your license get suspended as result ? Is this your first DWI or higher? Was is an alcohol, drug or marijuana DWI? Were you also charged with possession of drugs at the same time. Both misdemeanor and felony level DWIs are very serious when you are seeking custody of your child.

That is why it is important to higher an experienced Corpus Christi DWI lawyer who has also dealt with child custody issues, we understand the importance. Fight your DWI charge and fight for your parental custody rights today.

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