Corpus Christi Man Sentenced to Prison for 2017 Murder at Allen Elementary School

The punishment of a man found guilty of killing a Corpus Christi father was announced Friday in Judge Carlos Valdez’s courtroom.

Valdez sentenced 24-year-old Tyler Farmer to 39 years in prison.

As Farmer took the stand Friday to plead for his future, the focus was on the future of the three young children left behind by the death of 24-year-old Gilbert Sierra that occurred in 2017.

“You know what it’s like to grow up without a parent,” Valdez said.

“Yes sir, I do,” Farmer said.

“How does that make you feel toward Gilbert’s children,” Valdez said.

“It’s the worst feeling in the world cause I know what those kids are going to have to go through, and it’s one of the main reasons why I’m here today to take this responsibility because the kids don’t deserve that,” Farmer said.

The lingering question on everyone’s mind was — does Farmer take responsibility for his actions?

Farmer explained to the jury and the victim’s family; it was all a freak accident and completely unintentional. He says he only intended to scare Sierra that night, not kill him.

“The death of Gilbert Sierra is that your responsibility,” Valdez said.

“I could’ve stopped everything from happening that night. That was my fight; that was my beef. I could’ve stopped that, so yes sir, I’m going to take responsibility for that,” Farmer said.

Ultimately, Farmer was sentenced to 39 years in prison for the murder.

Farmer is the only one out of the four suspects to be charged in connection to the case to be sentenced to prison.