Our experienced criminal defense lawyers are ready to help you with your drug crime case.

We have skills in felony and misdemeanor laws in representing criminal defendants in various drug crime case.

We help with

  • Drug possession: Simply having an illicit substance on your person, in your home, or in your vehicle can constitute a drug possession offense in Texas.
  • Drug use: If you are caught using an illegal drug, or a prescription drug with intent to abuse it, you may be arrested. You may also be charged for use if blood tests reveal the substance in your system without the act of using it actually being witnessed by police.
  • Drug distribution: Passing an illegal drug to another person or location can be considered a form of drug trafficking known as distribution.
  • Drug sales: Selling an illicit substance for profit constitutes a serious drug crime. The profit does not necessarily have to be for monetary gain and can instead involve earning favors or bribery.

We are able to help with State and Federal drug charges. Our attorneys are licensed in State and Federal courts including the Eastern, Western and Southern Districts of Texas.

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