Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity Criminal Defense Lawyers

Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity is a felony. Being in a gang, in any capacity, is a crime, and is most often a felony offense.  Even those defendants who are not in actual gangs often get charged with this crime as a defendant. Texas Penal Code, Section 71.02.

The requirements for engaging as stated in the penal code:

A person commits an offense if, with the intent to establish, maintain, or participate in a combination or in the profits of a combination or as a member of a criminal street gang, the person commits or “conspires to commit.”

Conspires to Commit

Conspires to commit” means that a person agrees with one or more persons that they or one or more of them engage in conduct that would constitute the offense and that person and one or more of them perform an overt act in pursuance of the agreement.

Federal Conspiracy

Conspiracy is an often used criminal charge in Federal court as a catch all for drug crimes.

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