Driving While Intoxicated

A Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge is a common one and yet there exist many misconceptions about this criminal charge. What is driving while intoxicated under Texas Law? While drunk or drugged driving is illegal across the United States, each state has specific laws defining the offense and its associated legal penalties. In Texas, the […]

What is the difference between Bond and Bail?

A: Bail is the amount of money paid to the jail for the release of someone arrested or detained. It has to be paid to be released. A bond is a promise of money but may not necessarily be money paid instead, a promise to pay if the arrested person bailed out does not show […]

Can Lawyers Get You Out of A DWI?

A: A lawyer might be able to get you out of a DWI. Like most legal answers, it just depends on how. Your lawyer will be able to review your case and see how to get your case dropped. There are so many intricate details of a DWI that the lawyer may win on; the […]

How Do I Choose A DWI Lawyer?

A: Choosing a DWI lawyer is a matter of preference.  Look at the years of experience your potential lawyer might have, look at the lawyer’s reviews, has he taken DWI cases to trial, what do other lawyers in the community know about him/her, ask a friend if they know about the lawyer.  DWI is a […]

Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for A DWI?

A:  It is always our position that having a lawyer on your side from any criminal defense matter is best.  That includes DWI representation.  A lawyer also will be able to represent you if the DWI should not be charged in the first place, you may need the lawyer to get the charges dropped, help […]

How Much Does a DWI Lawyer Cost in Texas?

A: The cost of a DWI lawyer varies throughout Texas and each location, city, or county and how far a lawyer might have to travel to represent you.  There are lawyers who will charge less for misdemeanors than for felonies there are also Federal DWI lawyers who charge a different cost.  Generally, our firm will […]