How Do I Choose A DWI Lawyer?

A: Choosing a DWI lawyer is a matter of preference.  Look at the years of experience your potential lawyer might have, look at the lawyer’s reviews, has he taken DWI cases to trial, what do other lawyers in the community know about him/her, ask a friend if they know about the lawyer.  DWI is a category of criminal defense and a general criminal defense should be enough in a small community to represent you but you may want a DWI lawyer who focuses on that alone if you are really needing the case to be dropped, dismissed, or taken to trial. A specialized DWI lawyer will be able to take the case and analyze it from the stop to the blood or breath draw, the suspension of your driver’s license, and the trial of your case. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has this experience and has taken DWI cases to trial. Call today.