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How Do I Find The Best Corpus Christi Criminal Defense Lawyer For My Case?

Finding the best Corpus Christi criminal defense lawyer for your case can be a job in itself.  The task with finding the one criminal law attorney to defend you or a loved one is important because it means your freedom.  We suggest taking the following steps in looking for the top criminal defense lawyer in Corpus Christi.

  1. Ask your friends – referrals to criminal defense lawyers who you can trust can usually be accomplished by just asking. Post the question to your friends network on Facebook.
  2. Online Search- Google it, very simple type in the words “Best Criminal Defense Lawyer” or “Top Criminal Defense Lawyer” or “Criminal Defense Lawyer Near me” and see if you come up with several names.
  3. State Bar of Texas. – Call the State Bar of Texas see if they have a recommendation in your area for the best criminal defense lawyer
  4. Ask other lawyers- when a lawyer recommends another attorney it usually means they know who the greatest criminal defense lawyer to handle your type of case could be.
  5. Set up an appointment with everyone you believe has the proper qualifications even if they charge a consultation fee. Go through the free consultation lawyers first, get a feel for the attorney and ask about a) how long they have been practicing (anything longer than 10 years is recommended) b) what kind of criminal cases have they defended c) how many cases have they taken to trial d) how do they bill you ? and any other questions you feel are important

These are just a few suggestions to find the best Corpus Christi criminal defense lawyer.

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