Do you need our help with an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle charge?

If you’ve been accused of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle (UUMV), then you need to begin working on a plan for defense, and you need an experienced lawyer help you do this. This is a state felony and attracts harsh punishment.

A person guilty of UUMV is said to knowingly use another person’s boat, aircraft, or automobile without taking proper permission from the owner.  Things can get complicated if an overzealous prosecution lawyer decides to charge the defendant for theft along with UUMV. This is often the case when the vehicle in question is an expensive one. A charge of theft can lead to punishment that is more serious. A good lawyer, with the necessary experience, can counter such tactics by the prosecution, and obtain for his client a more favorable verdict. He or she would know how to use the aspects of consent and intent to present a strong defense.

The attorneys at the Alex R. Hernandez Jr.  PLLC know what constitutes “unauthorized use” in legal terms, and we have the experience in successfully defending our clients. Often the job of the defense gets simplified in the absence of any concrete evidence that the accused tried to hotwire the car.

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