If you have a CDL and you got a DWI the consequences are more serious.

It is a crime in Texas to have a blood alcohol content above 0.04% or above. That differs from a normal DWI in Texas in that the BAC level is .08. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration goes even further because of the serious of driving a commercial type vehicle. This is understandable as the safety of Texas drivers is of upmost importance.

We can help you from the start with requesting an ALR hearing to make a determination of probable cause and try to save your CDL license. This MUST be done within 15 days of you getting your DWI. This will determine your CDL and drivers license suspense and disqualification.

If the ALR is lost then your CDL is disqualified for one year unless you were driving a hazardous materials commercial vehicle then the penalty is 3 years. Very serious consequences indeed.

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