Victoria Texas DWI Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is an accomplished criminal defense lawyer and handles handled DWI cases and trials in Victoria Texas Victoria County and surrounding counties.

Experienced DWI Defense in Victoria Texas

If you or a loved one has received a DWI you need an experienced DWI lawyer to handle matters including

  • ILLEGAL TAKING ISSUES- warrantless taking – this means that they did not have consent or a warrant.
  • BREATH AND BLOOD ISSUES – Did they request your breath or blood?
  • ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES (LICENSE) – did they take your license? You have a limited time to object and appeal the taking of your drivers license
  • BREATHALYZER ISSUES – did they calibrate the machine correctly? 
  • OCCUPATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE – will you need an ODL? We can get it for you and it may help get your discovery
  • DWI DEFENSE AND TRIAL – Alex has tried many a case to judge and jury involving DWIs
  • DISCOVERY ISSUES – are there proper chain of custody issues in a blood draw?

Call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. and schedule an appointment in his Victoria Texas office if you have a pending DWI charge in Victoria County, Texas. 888HDZLAW8 or 361-575-3101.