We handle Federal Criminal Defense

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Victoria criminal defense attorneys at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC defend individuals facing criminal charges.

The federal system is very different from the state system in terms of how the investigation takes place to the delivery of the court’s verdict.  Your chances of defense are only as good as your lawyer’s knowledge of federal law and experience in helping innocents get justice. Lawyers need to have an intimate understanding of the grand jury proceedings, writs of habeas corpus, and the appeals process.

Federal cases often proceed slowly and the investigation is very thorough. Suspects are questioned by the law enforcement to gather evidence against them, even though there may be little to show from the conduct of the enforcement agents that they are mulling the filing of criminal charges. If you have been contacted by a federal law enforcement officer or believe that you may be, then you should immediately contact a federal criminal defense attorney. If need be, our lawyers can be present at the interview. This single decision of approaching a lawyer at the right time can influence the result of the lawsuit you’re facing.

We have experience in successfully defending clients who have been accused of federal crimes that include white-collar crimes such as bank fraud, securities fraud, Medicare fraud, embezzlement, mortgage fraud, business fraud, and environmental crimes. Other federal crimes we have handled include drug crimes, money laundering, sex crimes, internet sex crimes, and other federal criminal charges

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