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What are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

After a truck accident, The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can provide you with the answers you seek. We will advocate your case and do our utmost to get you just recompense. Our seasoned truck accident attorneys use cutting-edge methods to examine victims’ claims and hold negligent parties responsible. In this post, our team discusses the most frequent causes of truck accidents and how we assist victims in obtaining the payout and judgment they deserve.

In 2018, 4,136 persons were killed in collisions involving heavy trucks; 67 percent of these fatalities were automobile and other passenger vehicle passengers, 16 percent were truck occupants, and 15 percent were motorcyclists, walkers, or cyclists. Investigators and traffic and safety specialists have determined the most frequent causes of truck collisions, despite the fact that each accident includes a unique combination of circumstances.

Driver weariness and ailment: Whether a truck driver has the cold, a cardiac arrest, or is falling asleep while driving, the FMCSA classifies it as “non-performance,” the leading cause of commercial truck accidents. Even though there are severe regulations regarding the hours a trucker may drive and their wellbeing, transportation firms routinely violate the law and strain their drivers to their maximum capabilities.

Distracted drivers: Diverse activities, including the use of technological devices, fantasizing, model checking, and eating, may lead to inattention while driving. Unfortunately, 28% of truck accidents are caused by distracted driving and identification problems.

Driver misjudgment: One of the most prevalent causes of truck accidents is poor judgment by truck drivers. This may be the result of a motorist underestimating the speed of other cars, driving too quickly for the traffic conditions, tailgating too closely, or driving too fast.

Poor truck upkeep: Brake and tire issues contribute to truck crashes across the United States. Again, the federal government has stringent regulations for truck checkups and preventative maintenance, but businesses often choose profit above safety.

Defective truck parts: Blown tires, braking failures, and unexpected acceleration are sometimes caused by unsafe or faulty vehicle equipment, not driver mistake. In these situations, it is essential to preserve the pieces so a specialist can analyze their design and manufacture.

Poorly trained drivers: A shortage of skilled drivers often drives trucking businesses to recruit incompetent drivers and neglect to train their staff. Untrained and inexperienced truck drivers are more prone to cause accidents.

Establishing Fault Following a Truck Accident

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you may well be aware that taking on a commercial trucking firm may be very challenging. The corporation will strive to escape culpability and may even attempt to pin the accident on you. Its rationale is straightforward: the corporation does not want to compensate your medical expenses or missed revenue.

A personal injury attorney can assist you in obtaining answers.

The skilled truck accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. assist their clients in discovering the causes of their truck accident and obtaining the damages that are due to them. We investigate their cases thoroughly, gather information, and strive to establish that the truck driver and their company were at fault.

Therefore, many victims seek assistance from an expert truck accident attorney. During the first appointment, your attorney will take notes and ask you questions while listening to your side of the story. Then, they will examine the police report, your medical records, and any other accessible accident investigation reports. At The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr., however, this is just the beginning.

Our truck accident lawyers go the additional mile:

  • Preserving the black box, dashcam, and other electronic data from the vehicle (when applicable)
  • Demanding copies of the driver’s maintenance and hours-on-duty records
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Expert consultation, including with physicians, engineers, and accident reconstruction specialists
  • Examining the accident scene and damaged automobiles (when possible)
  • Reviewing trucking business data pertaining to the driver’s safety record, training, and drug screenings
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